Fondly and Affectionately


Baas Acres/Bearded Lady in MN 07/18/2014
Lil camping and partying on Baas Acres with a run into Minneapolis for Bearded Lady

I need everyone’s help. Please retweet, use the hasttags #atauideng #findataui in your tweets and grams. Please upload photos of her. And call the NYPD and Trump models with any information you have. Any conversations you’ve had recently with her. ATAUI is more than my muse. She is my little sister. I love her so much. Believe me when I say I will not recover if this star is not found. My heart will fail. Please help find my Two-Way. Thank you.

(via Style Inspiration: 45 Times Alain Delon Looked Like The Man « Airows)

Caroline Blum